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Company /  System of quality (certificates and guarantees)

All the products meet the safety requirements and the highest quality standards, which are proved by the certificates of the European and American quality conformity systems ISO 9000, 9001, QS9000, TUV, UPA 6.1.

The guarantee obligations:

  1. The guarantee for the hub bearings SCHIGERD® and the hub sets is 30.000 km run, if replaced together with the hub at a specialized service centre. Pay attention at Table #1, where possible bearings’ disorders and their causes are provided.
  2. The guarantee for brake pads/shoes SCHIGERD® is 30.000 km run only if installed in accordance with manufactures instruction at a specialized service centre.
  3. The guarantee for CNC® clutch elements is 120 days since the installation only if mounted at a authorized (specialized) service centres and if all the other (no replaced) parts are in good condition.
  4. The guarantee for other products is 6 months from the date of sale.

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